Portrait of Kotryna Misiūnė

Born and raised in Vilnius, Lithuania, I am an independent writer and photographer based between my homeland and the UK.

My academic journey began at Vilnius University, where I graduated in Journalism, following my passion for creative writing and admiration for war journalism. Those were transformative years for me as I realised I am drawn to capturing the untold stories of real-life individuals who might not be recognised by history but whose lives are no less extraordinary. Now, my approach combines the disciplines of journalism and photography to create impactful documentary projects and photo series, with a recent focus on elderly communities.

The Art of Portraiture

Apart from my documentary work, I specialise in portrait photography, capturing individual narratives irrespective of their connection to larger projects.

A Traveller at Heart

I have been documenting my short wanders and long journeys across different parts of the globe since I first solo-explored the mesmerising streets of Lisbon with a camera in my hands in 2017. As for many photographers, explorations of unknown cultures and natural beauty are an integral part of my life, which inevitably impacts my creative processes and introduces me to stories of people and the lands they live on.

A Glimpse into a Military Life

My tenure as a journalist with the Lithuanian Armed Forces provided me with a unique opportunity to document the daily lives of soldiers in the service. This experience, along with my early interest in military themes, eventually led me to pursue an MSc in War & Psychiatry at King's College London.

Recognition & Awards

My work has been recognised by the Fine Art Photography Awards, the International Photography Awards, and the Lithuanian Armed Forces.

Lietuvos kariuomene fotografijoje 2018
ipa - 2022 Honorable Mention
9th FAPA - Honorary Mention